Welcome to Formula One Solution

Formula One Solutions is One of the best software company in Orissa. A strong dedicated team of professional. Excellent track record of successfully executed projects. We started our journey in the year 1998. Since the begining the company’s mission has been; To reach the unreached through technology. To deliver better than standard quality of Services and Products.

We are the leading Biometric Solutions provider to the Orissa’s finest organisations. We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of biometric by enabling organisations to do more. This mission gives us the purpose to develop innovative technologies and products that help the organisations. Fingerprint identification technology is the most unique identification technology. More recently this process is automated (i.e. Biometric). Biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. Biometric authentication offers advantages over current security systems. Formula One Solutions is among the most expertise solution provider in orissa using these technology.

We take pride in our products, pride in our service, pride in our commitment, pride in our customers satisfaction. Our prestigious clients include HAL, PARADIP PORT TRUST, East Coast Railway, ORSAC, NALCO, OMFED, POSCO INDIA, Apollo Hospital, Orissa High Court, INCOME TAX DEPT. OF ORISSA, Directorate of CENSUS, NRHM, Hotel MAYFAIR, LIONS CLUB, ASBM, CVRAMAN, Sai International. etc.

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